Founded in 2014, WoundGenex optimizes the way hospitals, surgery centers, and physician practices provide wound care to their patients. There is a massive need for world-class wound care today, and our team saw an opportunity to do the heavy optimization lifting for our clients instead of leaving them to simply do their best. The result is a turnkey wound care solution that empowers caretakers from all different spheres to deliver better patient outcomes while increasing revenue and strengthening their wound care businesses.

Thanks to more than two decades of experience in both the clinical and administrative aspects of wound care, we recognize that a true operation management solution needs to address the process from start to finish. It’s not enough to optimize the clinical side while leaving the medical billing process to adjust and survive somehow. That is why we’ve poured time and energy into creating a truly comprehensive wound care program that addresses everything from training to medical compliance to medical billing. No part of the process has been neglected. When you choose WoundGenex, you get everything you need to take your wound care practice to the next level, including personalized support.

You’re in business to help people heal better. You can’t do that if your medical billing and coding process is outdated and your trainees aren’t getting the correct information. The WoundGenex team shares your passion for improving lives, so partner with us, and give your patients the wound care they truly deserve.