Accessing premium biologics and other advanced modalities to help maximize clinical wound healing outcomes for your patients often requires a significant up-front investment. But how do you access the best brands for optimal wound healing without breaking the bank?

For many clinicians, too often these purchases don’t materialize the expected clinical¬†results OR reimbursement value. Practices and wound care centers across the country struggle daily with net losses on biologics.

In today’s economy, this cash-heavy process often leads to clinicians having to make product purchasing decisions that while best for the patient, aren’t necessarily good for operations. So we built the WoundGenex Premier Graft Purchasing Program to help make it easier for you to do what’s best for your patients AND your wound care practice.


At WoundGenex, we genuinely believe grafting is a critical element in maximizing wound healing for patients, and we’re now the ONLY solutions company that invests directly in your success. The WoundGenex team works with our direct vendor relationships to supply the industry-leading biologic products and helps you navigate the entire revenue cycle reimbursement process to generate the financial returns you expect.

Premier Graft Program members enjoy exclusive access to group purchasing power that allows WoundGenex to facilitate graft ordering at NO UPFRONT COST. Our Program Liaisons then work with your staff and medical billing specialists to help take the guesswork out of everything from proper utilization, documentation of medical necessity, medical billing and coding education to maximize payment, and more!

No payment is due on the biologic until the practice is paid for it. Really. With Premier Graft membership, you CAN bring top tier products into your wound care practice to administer patient care, without putting your cash flow and other operations at risk.

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