The WoundGenex team is proud to serve physicians, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and wound care therapy centers. By equipping these all-important medical practices with practical, financial, and developmental advantages, we empower them to improve patient outcomes while growing their wound care practices to serve more people in need.

When you choose WoundGenex, you choose a wound care program with more than 20 years of experience behind it. You choose a clinical management program made for your team by people who have been in the trenches and understand the complexity, stress, and high-stakes you live with every day whether you’re in the medical billing department or the wound care treatment room. Thanks to our own bad experiences with incomplete wound care programs, we have the drive and determination to provide a fully comprehensive, turnkey wound care solution that’s as thorough as it is easy to implement. Our holistic, customized approach to your wound care program will transform it into what you knew it could be all along

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WoundGenex was designed to be the last solution you will ever need — the end of your search for a wound care program that optimizes each part of your practice instead of focusing on one or two areas while neglecting the rest. While we support you for the long haul, we focus on empowering you with self-sufficiency so you can pursue the unique potential of your wound care practice. Contact us to get started.

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